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10 Apr 2021
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19 Oct 2021

Hello , Dear Skynerd Network players

We are here to inform you that server is back after the Maintenance. The Maintenance was expected to be short as we were just changing location but due to internet issue we were not able to transfer files so the Maintenance got so long.

Now our server location is changed to Singapore from Europe Location. So now you should get 50+ ping in server if you are from Asia.


There are some minor Changes in Server which are listed below -
1. Small Rollback of Some Hours.
2. Bedrock Edition port changed to 25565. 25962 -> 25565
3. Some minor Lag/bug Fix.
4. Via Version removed from Survival Server now you can join with 1.16.5 only in Survival Server in Bedwars you can join with Any Version


If you face any problem do report us either via forums or Discord Server.

Also register on our website skynerd.net to get latest updates about server.


Server IP :
Java IP - play.skynerd.net
Bedrock Edition IP - play.skynerd.net
Bedorck Edition Port - 25565


Some Usefull Links -
Website - https://skynerd.net
Store - https://store.skynerd.net
Forums - https://skynerd.net/forum
Discord - https://skynerd.net/discord

Advait Raut
Skynerd Network | Support Email Address - [email protected]

_AdvaitR · 4 months ago