Update Store Updates
14 days ago

Store Updates

From now the Warrior, Supreme, TITAN Ranks will be 2 months' ranks.

This means if you are purchasing Warrior Rank then it will last only 2 Months rather than being a LifeTime rank.


We are also going to add rank expiration for the IDs who purchased rank before **1 August 2021**, Their ranks will expire after 2 months. (You don't need to worry about anything if you purchased or upgraded ran...

Update New Gamemode - Classic Games
2 months ago

 NEW GAMEMODE  - Classic Games


Hi guys, We are launching our New Minigames Gamemode today named - Classic Games


 This game mode currently has 4 Minigames (More coming soon..)

1. Block Party 
2. Splegg
3. Quake

Update Skynerd Network v5 | Release Date & Patch Notes
4 months ago

Season 5 Information - SkynerdNetwork 2021


Hello, dear SkynerdNetwork<...

Update Skynerd Bedwars Update | Release Date & Patch Notes
5 months ago

Bedwars Update Information

Update Skynerd Network v4 | Release Date & Patch Notes
7 months ago

Season 4 Information - SkynerdNetwork 2021


Hello, dear 

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